Postcards from Dingle on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

I’ve been following A SILVER VOICE FROM IRELAND for quite a while. This blogger does an amazing job of bringing me to Ireland on a regular basis. This post might convince you to come to Ireland!


Steep cliffs, crashing, foaming waves, sandy beaches, misty islands, craggy rocks –  the jewel in the crown of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is without question the dramatic and breathtaking Slea Head Drive on the Dingle Peninsula,in County Kerry,in the south-west of Ireland. The Wild Atlantic Way, where the power and might of the Atlantic Ocean dashes against the west coast of Ireland, stretches some 2,500 kilometres along the Atlantic coast,from my own beloved Donegal in the north-west to the beautiful Kinsale Harbour on the south coast.

Places elevate  the heart, but Dingle makes an imprint on the soul Places elevate the heart, but Dingle makes an imprint on the soul

These snaps were taken last week on a very joyful trip back to this extraordinarily special place.Gulls are a big feature of the peninsula!

The road snakes perilously along the cliff, even crossing a stream at one point,

Even on the calmest of days, the power of the sea is evident.


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Storms the Norm

“He turned to look just in time to see the rain start falling out as if the storm had finally decided to weep with shame for what it had done to them.”
James Dashner, The Scorch Trials

Image result for Safehaven Marine photo galleryI sleep; I dream; I awake; I do coffee; I get dressed; I read; I get on with the day.  I have different expectations for the day; I consider the reality of options and my need for versatility.  And then … a storm  comes. I’m blown off my course, my expectations.  Waves, rain, and darkened skies give me nothing to work with.  At some point, I am far from where I want to be.   “Above and below, Hurricane force 12 wind speeds over 100 mph, stripping the surface off the sea causing it to smoke as if on fire.”  Safehaven Marine’s Photo Gallery  I’ve sat with countless folks … pondering many questions, including: “Am I ever going to get better?”; “Is this going to change?”  For me, its the storms.  Storms have been coming for a long time.  I don’t think they are going to change.  My addictions are coffee (possibly); books; writing; blogging; chocolate; movies (PG-13 from the library). My storms are my depression, my secondary PTSD (from being in the counseling field for 162 years (slight exaggeration), my son who has special needs, memories of people caught in their pain, and memories of people I have worked with who have completed suicide (more than I can remember).  And the storms keep coming.  And when those storms come, I am blown off the blogging course.  Weeks go by, sometimes before I can write a post.  That’s strange, because the blogging has become like an anchor for me.    Accept my apologies for my lack of consistency with blogging.  I’m glad that you guys are consistent … I love your blogs.

Wilder Man’s Glimpse of Alaska

I don’t take the time for such a glimpse, but I found one today. Today’s glimpse? Alaska.  Well worth the time.  If you want to catch the piece that captured my wildness the most, skip forward to 5:33 … and go to 7:58.  By all means, the entire 10:40 video is good.  But part of my vision for this blog is to respect people’s time, as much as possible.

Safety Tip:  the music used in the background triggers something in … in the realm of melancholy.  It’s not that bad anymore.  I just wanted to give you little heads-up in case you’ve experienced a similar reaction.  The guy’s name is Cory Williams, and he has a channel on YouTube called:


One more thing about Cory Williams.  He moved to Alaska in 2014 (July?) to live in Eagle River, Alaska … quite recently. Approximately a month later, he bought a house. About four months later, he became engage.

Cory Williams records video of himself as he does a flip in the snow at Kincaid Park on Tuesday, Oct. 21. Cory Williams, a video blogger and YouTube personality who posts as Mr. Safety and DudeLikeHELLA, recently moved to Eagle River.Marc Lester / ADN  (Alaska Dispatch News)

In May of this year, Williams married a woman named Kristen Swift.  Talking about some serious change, recently, in a short amount of time!!  This guy is on the move.  I would consider him a true Wilder Man.  But, he may not agree.  This video clip is really cool.  Enjoy.  Here’s the clip, a stellar Wilder Man’s glimpse into Alaska.


Two! But which owl is the original?

I’ve followed the Being Bodeker blog for a while. Nothing like it. She appears to know a whole heck of a lot about birds. Her images are magnificent … like what you would find here in this blog about an owl.

Being Bodeker

IMG_5126[1] Coralee, there’s TWO!!!!

Several hours after posting yesterday about the red morph Eastern Screech-owl the kids found in a dead tree’s cavity above our creek, Brian & Merritt found the owl again using binoculars in the yard, but s/he now had a mate! Another red-morph ESO!

Two red morph Eastern Screech-owls; Benton County; top right owl appears larger, so female?  Male on bottom left? Two red morph Eastern Screech-owls; Benton County; top right owl appears larger, so female? Male on bottom left?

IMG_5127[1] Top right owl.

 They were dozing.  Opening one eye every now & then.  Roosting in a cedar/juniper tree just a few steps up-creek from the cavity.



IMG_5125[1] Top right owl, probably the female…which makes me think she is new. IMG_5049[2] So who am I? This is the original owl we saw…do you think this is the owl in the top right or the bottom left? The bottom left owl is smaller & males are smaller. IMG_5124[2] Click to enlarge. Bottom left owl appears both smaller & a darker shade…

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Child of the Wind

From Bruce Cockburn (long “o”, silent “c” and “k”).  Lyrics from “Child of the Wind”.  Cockburn’s lyrics (some of them) are so wonderful.  Some of you may be familiar with a tune entitled “Wondering Where The Lions Are”.  That is a Cockburn tune.  Here are some selected lines from “Child of the Wind”.  Hearing him sing it is worth your time:      v=g_SL4QK6VVY 2012_01_01_archive.html

Child of the Wind I love the pounding of hooves / I love engines that roar / I love the wild music of waves on the shore /dvd/16391/2014/05/ bruce-cockburn-pacing-the-cage/

I love the wild music of waves on the shore / And the spiral perfection of a hawk when it soars / Love my sweet woman down to the core There’s roads and there’s roads / And they call, can’t you hear it? / Roads of the earth / And roads of the spirit /rural-road-587/

The best roads of all / Are the ones that aren’t certain / One of those is where you’ll find me / Till they drop the big curtain

Hear the wind moan In the bright diamond sky These mountains are waiting Brown-green and dry I’m too old for the term But I’ll use it anyway I’ll be a child of the wind Till the end of my days

Little round planet In a big universe Sometimes it looks blessed Sometimes it looks cursed Depends on what you look at obviously But even more it depends on the way that you see

Hear the wind moan In the bright diamond sky These mountains are waiting Brown-green and dry I’m too old for the term But I’ll use it anyway I’ll be a child of the wind Till the end of my days

Working with Indigenous Australians…

Wow. I mad sure that Baz doesn’t mind my re-blogging some of his posts. You’ve see some of his posts before. This wild. It fits with this blog, Wilder Man on Rolling Creek.


Anne Beadell Highway

The opportunity to visit an extremely remote and arid part of Australia came my way the other day, an opportunity to spend time in country with a group of traditional landowners and aboriginal elders deep in the desert region of Western Australia.

“The Landy” will be pointed westward travelling deep into the desert region, crossing sand dunes and making tracks as our small convoy travels deep into the desert.

We will make tracks where no other European Australian’s have previously been as much of this trip will be completely across country, no roads or tracks to follow.

They say one door closes and another opens and crikey, isn’t that the truth!

Recently I wrote a piece on “Fate, are you a Believer” after forgoing a trip to climb a 6,500-metre peak in Nepal, but missing the terrible natural disaster that devastated the country following last week’s earthquake; a…

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Striking skies over Syracuse

Mark’s blog. Enjoy the images & the good post.

Mark Bialczak

As Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I worked our way back toward the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood this half-and-half spring Sunday afternoon, we couldn’t help but note the sky above.

Part gray, part blue. Part gray, part blue.

April prepares to give itself up to May, and the see and the saw of this dance was somewhere in the middle of the fulcrum today. Temperature, 50s F. Grass, greening. Trees, some budding, others bare. Sky, blue and gray in some portions, gray and blue on others.

Enjoy the angles in this gallery surrounding our blue house. We certainly did.

Click on a photo for a description. Click on the bottom right photo for an enlarged slide show.

Is it totally one way or another where you live today, or a half-and-half day? Are you seeing more spring or more summer of late? Which photo is your favorite, and…

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