Tim And Snow

1/2 foot?  Resistance and man, meet again, in the middle.  This type of resistance is what I call “Snow Resistance”, somewhat common in higher elevations.

I am here in the thick of it.  God meets me here, in the thick of it.  God is, both, there and here.  However, I can only be here.  But tomorrow, I should be there; but not here.

This snow is not that bad. I am fortunate to have a snow blower; but the one in the picture was the one we had when we moved up here.  It is what I call a “Suburbia Snow Blower”, about an 18″ width, as I recall.  Horsepower?  I don’t think they were horses.  They were all ponies.  I was able to sell it to a guy in … Suburbia, of course … who had a 20′ by 10′ driveway.  He lived in a neighborhood with nice paved roads.  Even though this picture is outdated, I am pretty sure I’m a little better looking now than I was then.

Snw Blw ???

We replaced it with a larger snow blower.  This one has 6 big tires: 5′ across; dual exhaust, a 450 engine in it, which means it will go from 0 to 60 in about 12 seconds.   from the Home Depot.  It has a 60″ width.  Good horsepower, not ponies allowed.  It even has a light on it to show you where you are going, and heated handles.  Goes by the name of Mr. Rogers (the snowblower).

The snow makes things quiet out here, except when the county pickup truck with a plow comes out, later on after all the other, more important, roads get plowed.  But I’m not offended that we have to wait.  Seriously.

Some of you know that snowblowers have these things called “sheer pins”.  Misspelled?  Yes, probably.  But they still work whether you misspell them or not.  Mr. Rogers has a total of six sheer pins (3 on each side), and this morning I was down to two (both on the left side, with none on the right).  So I spent quite a bit of time finding things that would fit in thosee little holes to substitue for the sheer pins.  I even took a smaller piece of firewood stored by  the wood burning stove, and broke of a piece, and then whittled it down … It worked but the end broke off … So, today, going into town, I will stop by the depot and buy some sheer pins.  I hates spending the money.  Those little stinkers are expensive.  Anybody have an idea for something cheaper?
Okay.  Continuing to be wilder, just like you all.




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