Forecast? Snow.

Sunday morning, I should not have been surprised by the deep snow.  The heads-up was given on the weather channels on Friday & Saturday.  By the end of Sunday, we had 20 inches of snow.

Winter birdhouse

I knew it was a snow blower morning, but slightly procrastinated.  I made coffee, toasted a bagel, built a fire in the woodstove, and finally got out there.   ‘Had to put in a couple of those shear pins.  Boy, those little suckers are expensive.  Somebody is getting rich.

Running the snow blower requires very little brainpower. Blowing straight, avoiding rocks, listening to the engine for any trouble … that is what is required.  Seeing the result of my work is what blesses me.  It looks quite nice, once you’re done.

With counseling, what I have done over the last 15 years, one doesn’t always see the result of the work.  But with snow blowing, you can see what your work looks like.

Well, it is good for a man to work.  It is good for a man to feel good about his work.  And in this case it is good for a man to wear gloves, boots, and a hat.

Tim w icicle

Stay warm in your wildness.






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