Wilder Men’s Plans, Sometime Change

Short entry here.

Here’s a quote I picked up from a man named Basil Ted Hawthorne (fictitious name to protect the (mostly) innocent):

“Life is what happens … when you are planning it.”

Subr Ditch 1

I had an appointment at 9am.  I was up at 6:30, to get coffee and do some reading.  I snowblowed for about 30 minutes and then I was ready to go down to town, with enough time to spare.  Visibility was poor, and I thought I was doing good … and then, WHAMMM ! ! !  My Subaru was in a deep ditch.

Subr Ditch 3

Well, bottom line: I was tremendously humbled, and very angry at myself.  I hate having to call a tow truck.  But, hey … plans change.  I thought I was going to meet a wise man for coffee.  Wrong.  I guess it’s the same question: what are you going to do, now?  Yeah, that’s it.  What are you going to do now?  Right Now?


Wilder Man on Rolling Creek


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