Men Who Are Bullies Part Two2

New York Times March 26th Sunday Book Review, I read a bit about the high volume of books that came out in 2012 about bullying. “According to WorldCat, a catalog of library collections worldwide, the number of English-language books tagged with the key word ‘bullying’ in 2012 was 1,891, an increase of 500 in a […]

Dog (The) and Man … 1st Dispatch

DOG has earned global admiration, for how she swings her nose upwards, catapulting one’s elbow or hand, into the air: not just once, but a number of times in the span of 10 to 20 seconds. Motive? Oh, yeah.  She has a motive: to express her affection and to communicate  the urgent need for a scratch behind the ear […]

Men, Finding Forrester

Sean Connery, Rob Brown, were in a film, “Finding Forrester”  (2000).   Symbolism and themes of redemption, courage, a passion for writing … these are all happening in this film.   Two men cross paths: a  high school black  17 -year old (Jamal) who writes; and an older writer (Forrester), a Pullitzer winner years earlier. Forrester is hiding from the world in his top floor apartment-flat.  […]

The Liebster: A Good Idea

The Liebster Award: a good idea for encouragement.  Writing gets hard sometimes. Garrison Keillor was asked if it was possible to write good humor, if one struggled with depression. “Of course.  If you you weren’t depressed, why would you need humor?”  HA!  Yesssss.  We need encouragement, empowerment, and humor. I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the blogger for A […]