Men, Conflicted, Addicted,

The trappings, the strappings, it’s where we live … tread softly.

Indiana Jones’ flashes of longing for something greater than himself, an extraordinary power and transcendence from boredom, to a place of enlightenment intrigued Jones, and ramped him up to live on the jagged edge of adventure.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidd...
Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The “Fata Morgana” (see earlier post) … an illusion, a mirage, in the distance, calling you, and calling me … to come.

We live is an addicted world, a conflicted world.  Tread softly.  Mess with an addict’s god, his transcendence, his hope, his enlightenment, his meaning?What do you think will happen?

Lightning Bolts

An addict is having an intimate affair.

False intimacy, yes; but it is a powerful intimacy: “Fata Morgana”, an illusion, a mirage, reality versus truth.

What is important, to you?

Where is your intimacy?

Okay, see you all later.

T … just another wilder man.


  1. Like the C.S. Lewis lizard on the shoulder in, The Great Divorce, there is a constant whisper on our shoulders addict and sober alike. It hums a tune of instant gratification where only truth can stand. It it prompts us to take the shortcut and the easy way when perhaps the hard work and effort would build us so much stronger in the end. What is important to me is be familiar with this whisper, to know the sound of its lies, and be willing to take a different path. Thanks for the post T!

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