Men: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

English: sleeping dog
English: sleeping dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should sleeping dogs be allowed to lie? No, dogs should tell the truth.

Regardless of a hound’s reliable communication, I find joy having a sleeping dog nearby, stretched out like a lion on the Serengeti.

English: A lion and a lioness sleeping in the ...
English: A lion and a lioness sleeping in the Serengeti. Italiano: Un leone ed una leonessa dormono nel Serengeti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I not only appreciate a sleeping dog for the ethereal joy that comes from a slumbering hound, I also appreciate the sleeping dog as a metaphor /  illustration for choosing one’s battles.

Scenarios do emerge, issues do come up, along with questions: “Do I speak into this?”; “I feel passionate about this: should I say anything?”; “Do I let sleeping dogs lie (choose not to bite on the bait)?”; or “Do I fight this battle?”

A wilder man disrupts his world for the better or for the worse, choosing when & how it happens, and why it happens.  Good judgment calls.  Not-so-good judgment calls.  Sleeping dogs are, metaphorically,  the opposite of battles.

Wisdom in “choosing one’s battles” is not the same as the percieved call to fight every battle.  I know individuals who refuse to let a sleeping dog lie.  I know individuals who have a tendency to avoid every battle: let the sleeping dog lie.  And there are guys like me: some days I am William Wallace, ready to kick some butt; other days, I am sold out for sleeping dogs.

Murky waters.  Ambivalence.  A tension, between courage and avoidance; a mixed bag, humility and self-righteousness; wisdom and impulsivity.

There are times when I would like to sleep, as a sleeping dog, stretched out like a lion on the Serengeti, and leave it to others try to figure out what battle to fight.  Unfortunately, that is not an option.  I am very much in the “battle”, trying to make good choices.




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