WHAT If a Man is … ?

Questions, sometimes more important than the answers.

INCORRECTNESS.  What if a man is wrong in his answer? His decision? How he reacts to a particular situation? 

ADDICTION.  What if a man has an addiction?  If you know this man well enough that you are in the midst of a friendship with him, what do YOU do?

DEPRESSION. What if a man has symptoms of depression?  What does this mean?

DIFFICULT.  What if a man is impatient, difficult to be around; or angry (much of the time); or rude?

PROBING.  What if a man chooses to approach you, and asks you a probing and personal question (that you are somewhat uncomfortable answering)?  If you are that man he approaches, what would you do?

These are questions for men to consider.  This post addresses some of the stuckness that men find themselves in.




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