The Liebster: A Good Idea


liebster (Photo credit: mrsrachelsbooth)

The Liebster Award: a good idea for encouragement.  Writing gets hard sometimes.

Garrison Keillor was asked if it was possible to write good humor, if one struggled with depression.

English: Mr. Garrison Keillor

Of course.  If you you weren’t depressed, why would you need humor?”  HA!  Yesssss.  We need encouragement, empowerment, and humor.

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the blogger for A New Perspective Perhaps.  The Liebster comes from a German word “Lieb”.  Meanings, passed on from different bloggers include: dear, fondly, gently, good, nice, tenderly, favorite, favored … Further research might be warranted if my information is not specific enough.

Bloggers are nominated for Liebster awards, if they have fewer than 200 followers, and if the nominator (?) likes a blogger’s writing.  A recipient of a Liebster Award is requested to answer a set of questions passed on them; and they in turn will nominate a group of bloggers, and create a set of questions to be passed on to the new group of Liebsters.  These questions came from the blogger (A New Perspective Perhaps) who nominated me for the Liebster:

  1. Favorite place: my family;
  2. Anything I could live without? Yes: nausea;
  3. Addictions? Yes; no; am I in denial? Yes; no. In recovery for self-deprecation, indecisiveness;
  4. Favorite book: Cannot answer that; it’s classified;
  5. Favorite song that inspires me?  Bruce Cockburn’s “When You Have A Dream Like Mine”;
  6. Bruce Cockburn performing at the City Stages f...

    Bruce Cockburn performing at the City Stages festival in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  7. One wish? Wow … good question;
  8. Color of my eyes? Hazel (last name unknown);
  9. Why Do I Blog?  Why?  I cannot speak very well / To release what is in my heart & mind / To see my words in print BEFORE I hurl them out into the atmospere, regretting that I cannot take back the spoken words;
  10. What makes me cry?  Wow … Another excellent question !!!
  11. Last movie I went to see?  Narnia.

Okay. My five nominees for the Liebster Award:

TEN questions for these five folks … if they would be so kind to peruse , and consider an answer:

  1. Why write?
  2. What feeds your soul?
  3. Who has positively impacted you?
  4. What is important to you, personally?
  5. What is important to you (bigger picture)?
  6. Place: go anywhere, come back whenever you want; where?
  7. An event, or a moment, or an hour, or a place, or words that have inspired you, in a way you will NEVER forget?
  8. Food: If you had to choose between Italian or Chinese?
  9. The desserts.  What would they be? Name three or five.
  10. Name a book / author that you consider “good”, at least, or “great”.

Allright.  Sorry for this long blog.


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