Men, Finding Forrester

Sean Connery / James Bond
Sean Connery / James Bond (Photo credit: Konabish ~ Greg Bishop)

Sean Connery, Rob Brown, were in a film, Finding Forrester”  (2000).   Symbolism and themes of redemption, courage, a passion for writing … these are all happening in this film.  Cover of "Finding Forrester"

Two men cross paths: a  high school black  17 -year old (Jamal) who writes; and an older writer (Forrester), a Pullitzer winner years earlier. Forrester is hiding from the world in his top floor apartment-flat.  After being discovered by Jamal, Forrester begrudgingly agrees to read the younger student’s writing, in exchange for Jamal’s silence about Forrester.  

Forrester knows he is in the last chapter of his life; and this profoundly connects with his hiding; and his hiding connects with “The Window”, one of the bigger components of symbolismWatch this movie.  I urge you to focus on the symbolism of “The Window”, which connects with two big questions we (hopefully) live with: “How do I see?”, and “What do I see?” 

Last piece: the word “finding“.  We will be better men if we continue to search (which connects with the word “finding”), and find, what’s out there for us.  

The timing for this post seems profound .  I have been invited to provide a story this week … a story about my grandfather who was a well known forester, after returning from WW  II.   Although the spelling is different, the words are (obviously) quite similar.  Life is strange; I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  Peace.


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