Men Who Are Bullies Part Two2

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New York Times March 26th Sunday Book Review, I read a bit about the high volume of books that came out in 2012 about bullying.

“According to WorldCat, a catalog of library collections worldwide, the number of English-language books tagged with the key word ‘bullying’ in 2012 was 1,891, an increase of 500 in a decade.”

Did you get that number? 1,891 books, in 2012. Check out the link if you want to read the article.

(For some reason?) I thought about mafia characters, bullying people for the last 100 + years, as professional bullies. They get paid to do it.

I reached back into the past, and randomly pulled a guy out of the stack. Not much is known about this guy. But what is disturbing is that there have been many, many, mafia tough-guys over the last 120 to 150 years: what makes them tick? How did they get to be professional bullies? Let me introduce you to Vincent “The Schemer Drucci (1898 – 1927).

Vincent Drucci

Vincent Drucci (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vincent Drucci, also known as “The Schemer” (1898 – April 4, 1927), was an American mobster during Chicago’s Prohibition era: a lieutenant under Dean O’Banion’s North Side Gang and later as gang boss.

Vincenzo D’Ambrosio from Chicago started off robbing pay telephone coin boxes.  He  eventually became Vincent Drucci and joined the North Side Gang: an Irish-American street gang that worked the North Side of Chicago.  Vincent’s nickname “Schemer” came about due to his creative / innovative / detailed plans for bank robberies, kidnappings, and etc. The North Side Gang took over breweries on the North Side of Chicago, and cranked out bootleg alcohol.

“(Drucci) had a streak of recklessness and daring, and he looked the part of a gangster – tough, dark, and menacing, his expression frozen in a tragic mask topped by wild unkempt hair (and) a face to haunt the dreams of his enemies.”

Vincent “The Schemer” Drucci had quite a temper. He was the enforcer for the North Side Gang.

April 4, 1927: Chicago police stopped Drucci, two other North Side gang members, discovered Drucci was carrying a firearm, and they arrested him.  Four policemen were assigned to transport Drucci.  Drucci told Chicago detective Dan Healy to let go of his arm and cursed him.  Healy punched Drucci, and drew his gun.  Drucci threatened Healy: “Go on you, kid copper, I’ll fix you for this. Take your gun off and I’ll kick hell out of you.” Drucci struck Healy, tried to get his gun; but Healy shot Drucci, in the arm, leg, and abdomen. Drucci died on the way to the hospital.

This story, pretty much stops with Drucci’s violent & abrupt death, other than a pricy and high-profile funeral.  There were tough guys around before Drucci was robbing pay telephone boxes; and there have been many “tough guys” since then.

To be continued on the next post.

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