Man Fights Depression and Learns from Past

Depressive.  It helps that there is a noun for folks who experience depression.  Many years ago, “depressoid” came up.  But there is one perspective out there that gives  “depressoid” a harsh connotation.  Most of us know that good people, brilliant people, creative people, humorous people … struggle with depressive symptoms: Lincoln (A.), Letterman (D.), and Lennon (J.) […]

Man: 3am … Pre Snow Blow

(This post …written in a spiral, 04/23/13 @ 3am) Man: mysterious, brilliant, irrational, practical, calm, handsome (based on perception), and the list goes on and on.  I look out the sliding glass door, into the darkness pierced by white snow; it looks like about 6″.  Man, at it again: insomniating, ink rides paper, attempting (its futile) to contain the […]

Good Guys

Good guys have been around for a while.  I have to stop, from time to time, to remember that there are good guys.   It reminds me that I’m not alone in a messed up world … It reminds me that there many reasons to hope.David met Goliath, hurled a stone through the air, and […]

Righteous Anger, Chase, Restoration

“The game is afoot.”   Sherlock Homes. ‘Not a game, far from it, on the other end of the spectrum.  Race, followed by chase …  a chase that may not be over.  Anger/rage, emotion(s),  have rattled my soul, and two pieces are apparent:   “Don’t mess with the children …”; (quote) “Beware the wrath … of a patient man.”  Unknown […]

Hope Hidden

Hope .  “Hope” rhymes with “Nope”, and “elusive” rhymes with “reclusive”.  Bear with me.  I am opening up a valve from my writer’s heart and mind … Let me see what flows from within. The Boston violence and the Texas disaster, both, scream of loss and incredulity.  There is, undeniably, great pain, a great stain […]

Bad Guys? Who Catches Them?

Boston … targeted … WHY?  There are people in Boston.  And there are people situated across the continent.  Boston wasn’t the real target, but Americans.  Innocent Americans who were not mediocre, out cheering for someone else … out living life.  Those two pictures, the 8-year old boy, the graduate college student … Their faces and […]