Men Who Are Bullies 4

Anger / Rage, Bullies, Injustice, Insecurity, Trauma, Woundedness

Note, Folks: with these posts about bullying, I realize I should acknowledge two (2) things. 1) These pieces are not only for men / boys who bully, but women / girls who bully as well; 2) bullying is serious business, punishment should be different for boys (based on the circumstances), boys become men, unless interrupted by death … Thus, the importance of addressing the crime (crime? Yes, crime) of bullying immediately, with hopes that an adolescent bully will change his abusive behavior BEFORE he steps into manhood.

Okay. Thanks. “No-brainers”? Maybe. I’ve incorrectly assumed so many times. Balance?

I’d like to reference a study about bullying, “Prospective Longitudinal Study of Children’s Theory and Mind and Adolescent Involvement with Bullying”. Here is the link:

U.S. Dept. of Ed: March, 2011 …school-based bullying tends to shift over time from younger students’ pushing / shoving … to older students tendency to bully verbally / indirectly, such as derogatory slurs / gossip. Origins of bullying behaviors may start long before a bully or victim is enrolled in school.

I want to reference just one (1) of the six (6) specific findings listed in this article:

“Children from homes lacking sufficient material or emotional supports were the most likely to bully others by the time they reached early adolescence …”

Wrapping this up, here are some of my “take-away”s from the article.

The shift from younger kiddos’ pushing/shoving towards the older kiddos’ verbal & nonverbal abuse is probably not a surprise to me, or you, but it is a sobering reminder of the toxicity & damage that can be sustained by a child targeted by others. We are talking about verbal / emotional / psychological abuse, which is absolutely brutal. There was a book I read a few centuries ago (pardon the exaggeration) entitled “No Visible Wounds”: a book about psychological abuse sustained by women. And, perhaps, we all agree that psychological abuse is extremely difficult to prove, compared to physical abuse. Thus, the title: “No Visible Wounds”.

Okay, I’ve gone longer than I intended. Hope this post provides something beneficial.

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