Men … Glory, Story, Strength, Shining


Like stars … Shining in the universe ….



Ever seen those words before? That tent maker I have mentioned before … HA!!


See, it is easier for me to hide than it is to shine … Fellas out there seeing me shine, suddenly I am a target. It’s a harsh world out here peopleS! But to let my glory out …?


It’s even more difficult for our kiddos to let their glory shine … They want to hide, too. It’s not always safe in our schools.


So, how do I do this? Live out our story? Release the glory? Shine? And be strong … In my weakness?


One thought on “Men … Glory, Story, Strength, Shining

  1. Take a chance. Put yourself out there. Value your opinion of yourself more than others opinion of you. That is where you find confidence and strength. I love your honesty…

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