Re-Blog: Will the Real Man, and the Real Woman, Stand Up?

There was a band that called itself  “The Who”.  Believe it or not, they actually sang a song called “Who Are You”.  Some of the chorus went like this: Who are you? / Who, who, who, who? / Who are you? / Who, who, who, who? … ”

Some of us, more than others, are learning a bit more … as days come and pass … about who (in the heck) we are.  Sound vague?

Imagine a man, ten years ago, saw himself much smarter and very intimidating.  But now, he sees himself today (again 10 years later) much differently.  The man has more wisdom, now, compared to his craftiness, then.  He has a … redemptive … weakness now, contrasted with an offensive intimidation-style of relating, then.  So, arguably, who he was about ten years ago … is not the man he really is, today.

So, yeah … that’s one example.  Thus, the question posed by a famous psychotherapist:  “So, WHO are you, really?”  Incidentally, I would say that about 90% of the time, an enormous pause happens before an answer comes.

_41246452_philbypa203x (Photo credit: shij13)

A fella by the name of Kim Philby, working for British Intelligence  appeared to be an honorable man fighting for the good of the United Kingdom.  As it turned out, that was not who he really was.   In the words of a psychotherapist, “So, who are you, really?”

English: A USSR stamp, Soviet spies: Kim Philb...

Well, here’s a clue: he left England when no one was watching. The next thing everyone knew … he was in Russia.  OOOPS!  Russia was proud enough of Philby to make a stamp with his picture on it.  The boy did some serious damage to the British, providing to Russia  information that led to the deaths of many British agents.

Judith Coplon was a woman who served the United States by working in the Department of Justice (right out of college) in 1943.

She transferred to the Foreign Agents Registration section in 1944, where she had access to counter-intelligence information.  She also went by “SIMA”, which is how the folks over in Russia knew her.    

“SIMA” was proven guilty, and convicted. But her charges were dismissed. (Picture to left:
I recently have had a couple of friends fade out … and I have to let them go.  That’s what happens in life, eh?  It hurts like  (something), but it’s reality.  So, who were they, really?  And who are we, really?

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