Bad Guys? Who Catches Them?

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Boston … targeted … WHY?  There are people in Boston.  And there are people situated across the continent.  Boston wasn’t the real target, but Americans.  Innocent Americans who were not mediocre, out cheering for someone else … out living life.  Those two pictures, the 8-year old boy, the graduate college student … Their faces and their smiles are full of life.

And the crazed animals, or psycopaths, or whatever … they were about death … they had death in their hearts and minds, and irrational rage, and evil, but they haven’t totally maxed out their own death content.  But they will at some point, and hell awaits them.  The bad guys went after good people who were free, who died in their freedom … died living.   I hope you are finding some degree of relief, consolation … some degree of comfort … that the eight-year old boy is not in pain now, nor is he scared … But that does not resolve, in any way, the hellish, unfathomable, anguish so many more people are overwhelmed with …

My wife does not believe in the death penalty.  I cannot fault her for that.  She is a good-hearted woman with great wisdom, and she is fair, compassionate.  As for me …

I think considering the options are important.  The one I came up with first is one better off kept inside the confines of my mind.   I won’t discuss it other than calling it (my own term) “Sensory Escalation For Violent Criminals”.  I know that the O.T. piece about “an eye for an eye” is a very controversial topic, and I guess I better not get into that, now.

So, who catches the bad guys?  God be with those good guys … going after the bad guys …  They are men & women who want justice.  They are men & women … who are husband and/or dads, wives and/or moms.  They are single men and women who pour everything they have into their careers of making things right.  They don’t do it to be known.  But they want it known that justice has been served.

These are men & women who sacrifice their sleep, at times, to keep looking for the bad guys.  They give up their lives, if that’s what it takes.  I cannot imagine how many men and women, who go after the bad guys, have some psychological woundedness from PTSD.  I cannot imagine what other situations they have to suffer with.  There’s no way for me to know.

Our military men and women are laying it all down so that we can do what we do … they are keeping us safe so we can sleep.  On the mainland, our law enforcement folks / FBI / ATF / NSA / etc., etc., etc. are doing the same thing our military are, but in different ways.  True, that sounds over-simplified …

Whoever the good guys are, chasing the bad guys, I cannot thank them (you) enough.  If any of you are reading this … Thank you.  You probably drink a lot of coffee, and eat a lot of fast food, and I have no problem with you drinking some beers (or whatever) after work … you all deserve so much more.

There are some good-hearted, wise, bloggers who are speaking into this tragedy in a way that reminds me of what is important.  I am thankful for those bloggers.  Here are three … and there are many, many more.   

Peace. T

7 thoughts on “Bad Guys? Who Catches Them?

  1. Thank you for the mention. It is always good to be prepared I think. As for the death penalty, I see why people are against it… I am against feeding an evil mouth with my tax dollars. Not to mention that those prisoners get 3 meals, warm beds, and cable TV? I don’t even have cable TV!

    1. Hmmmmm … I’ll try it again. It did not take my reply. Thanks for adding some data to my processor between my ears … as I try to manage my thoughts about the bad guys. We don’t get cable either. Thanks for the visit.

      1. We get four channels … one of them is a religious (?) station … In the long run it is good for us … But, yeah, our updates of what is happening are quite limited. Peace, T

  2. Let’s hope someone is successful in catching whoever is behind this horrible tragedy. It won’t undo the damage that has already been done but it will sure make people feel a whole lot better. Thanks for the mention

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog. And I really do respect your blog post and your thoughts!!

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