Hope Hidden

Grief, Hope, Injustice, Men & Women, Trauma

Hope .  “Hope” rhymes with “Nope”, and “elusive” rhymes with “reclusive”.  Bear with me.  I am opening up a valve from my writer’s heart and mind … Let me see what flows from within.

The Boston violence and the Texas disaster, both, scream of loss and incredulity.  There is, undeniably, great pain, a great stain of injustice.  I don’t always do well with great pain, and loss, and injustice.  And this dynamic of disruption and disorientation creates one of many catalysts for writing.

RELEASE ! ! !  I’ve heard it said before from one far wiser than I, “Release what is good …”, which led me to one of my beliefs: “Release the Peace” … and “Embrace the Grace”.

I’ve been blown off course, not unlike a small vessel on the sea in the midst of a storm.  I mean that in the immediate sense (initally processing the pain, loss and injustice from recent tragedies) … and I also mean being blown off course in a global sense … it is more about a major transition in my life, now, as I carefully consider a question you all have asked yourselves: “What’s next?

When I think of the disaster in Texas (although I am not up to date with any details due to the micro-challenges of my day, my week, my family, my own attempt to do self-care) I cannot avoid considering that someone … somehow … dropped a big ball … With that much flammable substance, wouldn’t there be / shouldn’t there be sufficient safeguards to try (at least) to avoid such a disaster from happening?  I heard on the news that buildings as far as four blocks away were leveled.  To me that is mind boggling … What, 150 souls perished?

Okay.  So, wrap-up.  Amidst this deep, unfathomable, pain, and loss, and injustice, and confusion … there is still hope.  Or is there?  Maybe I am just speaking for myself … Hope is very strange, because hope can disappoint us. Hope is about what we cannot see.  Hope conflicts with the phantom of pessimism: “Nope!”. Hope is elusive … and I can be reclusive, if I give up hope… which means I hide … I refuse to participate in these battles that we are called to fight, every morning, every day.  And, I’ve referenced something Red said to Andy, in the movie Shawshank Redemption: “Hope is a dangerous thing.” I am guilty of hypocrisy, in that I have … at different times in my life … given up hope.  And, yet I believe that one can get it back, if one wants it.  But one must really want it, to get it back.

3 thoughts on “Hope Hidden

      1. Thank you. Your are so right. It is so important. I don’t remember the quote exactly, but Ghandi said something like- “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Keep reaching towards peace and hope!!

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