Righteous Anger, Chase, Restoration

“The game is afoot.”   Sherlock Homes.

‘Not a game, far from it, on the other end of the spectrum.  Race, followed by chase …  a chase that may not be over.  Anger/rage, emotion(s),  have rattled my soul, and two pieces are apparent:   “Don’t mess with the children …”; (quote) “Beware the wrath … of a patient man.”  Unknown

“Connecting the dots”, I consider the good guys, going after the bad guys.  Our warriors balance anger with the methodical, effective, quick chase.  I review my own rough, general, sequence of events:

  1. Bad guys show up;
  2. They do something really, really, bad to hurt folks;
  3. A child dies, two adults die;
  4. Good guys start the process of finding the bad guys.

The process means that anger, rage, are not the point. Instead, it’s about “cause & affect”.

  1. “You did this;
  2. Now, the consequence;
  3. We are coming for you;
  4. We will find you.”

The chase may still be on.  But two bad guys are no longer on the loose.

Something happens (one of the laws of life).  We process what has happened.  We get angry.  We find hope.   And through all this, mourning takes place at different levels, in different ways.  We … figure out what we are supposed to do.  The chase takes place.  We find what and who we are looking for.  And then what?

I don’t know. One thing I do know: I am immeasurably thankful for the good guys,  determined to take care of business.

Life continues;  journey does not stop; story is still being written.  Growth happens; pain fades, peaks; there are good days, bad days; and restoration.  Restoration can be a long process.  Truly, the story is not finished, but still being written.


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