Man: 3am … Pre Snow Blow

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(This post …written in a spiral, 04/23/13 @ 3am)

Man: mysterious, brilliant, irrational, practical, calm, handsome (based on perception), and the list goes on and on.  I look out the sliding glass door, into the darkness pierced by white snow; it looks like about 6″.  Man, at it again: insomniating, ink rides paper, attempting (its futile) to contain the overwhelming excitement of the moment.  (Pause) … (Heavier pause) … (An even heavier pause) 

‘Cannot sleep, pondering a profound and piercing question that make writers pensive: “But, how much snow will we get and (as psychotherapists like to ask) how does that make me feel?” 

Kitchen-bound.  Refridgerator.  Two different kinds of cheese dip, recently acquired and unopened.  I break a rule: I open both of them.  With rectangular crackers, I alternate dipping between the two.  I know this is wrong, but I’ll deal with the consequences later.  After all: I’m a wilder man.

This is a Krups "Vivo F880" espresso...

This is a Krups “Vivo F880” espresso maker. It’s cleverly designed from a usability perspective, but it broke/wore out after about a year, just like most of my espresso machines do. This photo is edited to show a white background, since I didn’t have a more natural background available to put it on. Some edits were performed by Keysignal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I turn on the espresso machine, and experience visions of grandeur as I consider the amazing coffee that will be flow from this small inconspicuous machine.   I will be able to do a cup of Mud, and then go back to sleep.  This does not make sense.  How can I drink coffee at 3am and then go back to bed?  The phenomenon is profound to the point that I freeze every muscle in my body, staring toward a window.  The pen is motionless.  Time has been suspended.  At some point I slowly emerge from the catatonic state.  I am able to surrender such a complex issue, and the pen starts moving again.  I know that coffee is imminent, unavoidably imminent; just as the snow-blowing is imminent, unavoidably imminent.

But the snow-blowing can wait until daylight.

Not so, for the coffee.

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

One thought on “Man: 3am … Pre Snow Blow

  1. I’d like to nominate you for a Liebster Award! it’s for those of us with 200 or less followers. Keep up the good work and to find out how to accept, please see my blog post for today! (no sure how many followers you have, but I find your blog inspirational and honest, so wanted to nominate you).

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