Men With Iron Masks

Philippe: “I wear the mask. It does not wear me.”  Through many windows, through many years, I’ve seen many faces, amongst the passersby.  I’ve sat across from many souls with different faces.  I’ve seen the same sojourner over a period of time and their faces are not always the same; looking for something, someone.  Maybe not. Maybe they are hiding from […]

Men’s Preoccupation w Isolation

My experience, working with men and wives, children, addicts … has shown three areas that overlap in the lives of men.  Over the last fifteen years, every man I have seen in therapy for (1) depression has had some dynamic of (2) isolation playing out in their lives either externally or internally. The third area, (3) […]

Light, in the Night

“Like the lightening … in the sky, All men … will see Him and will cry, And the veils … will be lifted from our eyes, ‘Singing Glory … Glory most high, Glory … Glory, most high …”  Lyrics by Bobby Winter  Bobby Winter: a humble warrior helping street people, punk rockers, prostitutes; he walked […]

Evil Thieves in Cleveland

There are different kinds of thieves.  Ariel Castro is one of the worst, most evil, kinds of thieves on the planet.  He stole ten years from three woman; Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, and Michele Knight. Here is a random question: is there is a pattern between certain crimes with certain cities?  I consulted a website (you may all be familiar with), “Neighborhood Scout”.  […]

Wood Cutting is Here … It’s Okay.

I am showing my age, I guess.  This world is saturated with technology … I purposely think back to when  I was a kiddo growing up in the rural South: rotary phones (no touchtone); phones only with chords; computers were something people talked about, but they were not in people’s homes.  Enough … Yes, I […]