Wood Cutting is Here … It’s Okay.

I am showing my age, I guess.  This world is saturated with technology … I purposely think back to when  I was a kiddo growing up in the rural South: rotary phones (no touchtone); phones only with chords; computers were something people talked about, but they were not in people’s homes.  Enough … Yes, I know.  No one really wants to reflect on the pre-technology days … Well, maybe some of us do.  I am obviously not anti-technology, otherwise I would not have a blog; nor a cell phone; nor a laptop; nor a desktop …

Being outside, up here at 8800 feet, an hour west of Denver, my heart, mind and soul literally drinks in the elements of nature.  Tim w icicleI told my kids today in the old Subaru, as we looked out the windows, that I was going to miss the snow, as it is starting to diminish.  The snow is an experience that I cannot really describe in terms that you have not already heard before.  Thus, to prevent the irritation of redundancy, I will just say “snow”.  The snow is awesome.

I had a large pile of 18 inch logs that were never chopped for firewood. Today I worked on that, and my goal is to get the “chopped wood” pile as big as I can.  There is something about a pile of firewood that is pleasing to my eyes, and to my psyche.  wood pile

When I was a kid, I heard chainsaws, during the he summer, fall, and early winter, and I assumed that I would never have any interest in running a chainsaw.  But, for the last 8 years I have needed a chainsaw for the wood … which fuels our woodstove.

The sound is never pleasant.  But, I appreciate being able to see the results of my labor.  To know, simply by looking at the logs that have been cut, that I have made some progress is a most therapeutic experience.   I also like the smell of the timber and the sawdust.  I enjoy working by myself, with no one else around.

For the last 15 years, I have been a psychotherapist.  Often times, especially working with high-risk children and adults and families, progress is not always evident.  Working with addicts, relapse is common.  And when you have clients who have overdosed, whether accidentally or intentionally, you find that it is easy and common to question your work, your investment into people, and the progress that has been made.

Wood cutting season.  It’s here.  And, it’s going to be okay

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