Exiled Men

EXILE: what a bummer!  Removed from your country, because of political issues? Or, something you said?   You may have seen this quote before.

“No exile … at the South Pole or on the summit of Mont Blanc … separates us more effectively from others … than the practice of a hidden vice.”  Marcel Proust  http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/exile.html

People have been exiled for something they said, or attempting to gain power.  In America, people say bad things about others ALL the time; and power is a big deal for many folks.  So, where would everyone go, in exile?

Interesting that you would ask that question.  There were islands for exiles.  Patmos was one of the more famous ones.  commons.wikipedia.org / http://www.sportschaplain.org   John was at Patmos …He made a few enemies because of his connection with Jesus.  OOOPS ! 

Voltaire was an exiled fella.   He really knew how to get under the skin of certain folks in France, criticizing the church in France; talking smack about the royals.  “Oh, Wow … Was it something I said?”  Off to the Bastille: a fairly intense fortress in France.  Thus, Voltaire – Despair.

English: Marseille, Château d'If, as seen from...
English: Marseille, Château d’If, as seen from ferry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edmond Dante’s was another fella who ticked off the wrong people.  Dante’s was the mainFile:Edmond Dantès.JPG guy in The Count of Monte Christo, (some say the story was named after a sandwich).  Dante’s exiled at the Château d’If, a small island in the Bay of Marseille (southeastern France).

EXILED MEN … I think of men who live their lives in subtle, “flying-below-the-radar” isolation as men who are, figuratively, in exile.   It’s not a realm of clear-cut categories.  Men hide: both good and bad.  Men are targeted by others in the workplace, for quite a few reasons.  Betrayal cuts deep, and the scar still has pain beneath the surface. Some men never heal from it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Edmond_Dantès.JPG

I remember a quote from many years ago, and I liked it for a time.  But now I know that the quote is not true:  “The world cannot hide a good man.”   Good men do isolate; good men do hide; and good men do … exile themselves.  And to get away from unsafe people, one can become acclimated with exile.  It is a sad reality.  But it does not have to be that way.  Sometimes it takes courage for a man to surrender his exile, and “show up” with life.

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