Yes (Save Room For Cream) … No, Really


Coffee … Coffee … Coffee … Coffee … I’m thinking that good coffee helps communication.

I stop by a particular coffee-place, and it’s good coffee, and it is one of many franchises of a successful chain.

“Vente’ drip, please …”
“Room for cream?”
“Yes, please.”

No big deal.  Just go over to the little place that has the sugar / splendiferous / raw sugar / half-and-half (which half is which?) / etc … and pour out the excess in the trash … and just move on.  My first cup of coffee in the morning is black, which is helping with hair restoral, as long as it strong enough.

As  I interact with folks daily, here are some, but not all, scenarios:

  1. I speak, someone listens;
  2. I speak, no one really listens;
  3. I speak, someone listens but does not listen well;
  4. I speak to myself, and I use to care if someone sees me / hears me … hoping they don’t think I am experiencing psychosis, but so what if I was doing psychosis?  There are countless brilliant, enjoyable, people who do psychosis;
  5. I don’t speak, but I listen;
  6. I don’t speak, and I don’t listen, and I may not know why;
  7. I don’t speak, and I am very attentive and it’s not difficult because I am intrigued by what they are saying;

I used to get a sharp pain in my eye when I drank hot, black, coffee.  So I went to the Dr.  He was a good Dr.  He said, “You need to take the spoon out of the cup (before you sip the coffee).  That was money well spent.

Black coffee in a white cup served on a saucer...

Black coffee in a white cup served on a saucer with stirring spoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One thought on “Yes (Save Room For Cream) … No, Really

  1. I lived in Rwanda some years ago and we would get fresh Rwandan coffee (some of the best in the world) straight from the plantations…roast it in a frying pan and then grind it up and serve. I got used to: a) strong coffee, and b) good coffee. After that there was no turning back. Now we drink strong French Press with a pot of espresso thrown in for ‘body.’ Alas, it’s decaf now as we get older, but still, I love a good cup of coffee that is a ‘black eye’ aka, ‘depth charge’ aka ‘shot in the dark’ aka ‘twin torpedoes’ aka ‘turbo shots’ aka ‘extra jives’ aka ‘delicious’!

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