Treehouse & Fathers’ Day Emerging / Courage, I See

Low-grade obsession, my confession, brews in my soul about this “treehouse business”.  There is something about completion, of a project,  for some of us men who who are perpetually, powerfully, swamped from LIFE’s demands and all of my fans (HA! There are no fans … I was just kidding).  For lack of better term, I have been intensely focused on getting the “floor support” IMG_0732completed, necessary for accomplishing the alluring & visual goal hovering ahead of me: getting the floor (finally) completed. I saw the design in a book and decided I wanted to try it.  When I saw the design it resembled a spider web.  Then two days ago when I showed my daughter a picture of what I had accomplished, she simply said “Cool Dad! It looks like a spider web.”


Ironically, I don’t like spiders.  So, I use a mind trick and immediately think of Spider Man.


As  you can see in this picture, I might be ready for the flooring.  Part of the driving force for me to build a treehouse was my desire to do SOMETHING (hopefully positive and meaningful for my daughter) that she would remember her dad for (among other things of course.  After this, I will start on what my son calls “a lodge” … which I am pretty sure is a small shelter made from timbers with a roof and walls and some kind of small porch in front.  I just want to be a good dad.


My dad is the best dad on the planet.  He is out of state, in a place where I left from … many years ago.  Mom & Dad have always loved me unconditionally, and have been there for me in my darkest hours.  The way I describe myself as a son is far different than how my parents would describe me / look at me.  I am a prodigal son.  Again, my parents would not agree with that.  I hope that I can be a far better dad than the son I was … for my dad.  This whole “Fathers Day” thing is a mixed bag.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many men experience something quite similar.  Well, I’m virtually out of time, so here’s the third topic: courage.


I am privileged to meet with a group of men on a regular basis.  These men are focused on improving their lives.  It hit me,  the last time we gathered, that these men all have great courage … in the sense that they keep getting up in the morning; they keep showing up; they keep working; they keep living.  That’s what I need to remember.  I need to keep showing up.  I need to keep on, and to keep on with with good, redemptive, honorable, passion.

I’ll wrap up with a greeting to the best Dad on the planet: Happy Father’s Day, Dad.




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  1. I agree with your son – it looks a bit like a spider’s web alright! How fortunate you are to be surrounded by so many trees that you can even contemplate building a tree house for a lucky son. On my first trip to USA I was bowled over by those millions of trees – I flew from New York to Pittsburg once and I swear the entire flight-path was over a forest, all the way! We are not so fortunate in Ireland – as one German friend of mine once put it, when a German sees a tree he hears the sound of birds singing; when an Irishman sees a tree he hears the sound of a chainsaw. This was based on the absolute fact that very often trees provided an income, heating etc. So we have relatively few of them.
    Good luck with the lodge – and a very happy Father’s Day to you AND to your Dad.
    From A Fan !

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