Thank You Anne Lamott, Steven Wright, and My Dogs

“You can get the monkey off your back, but the circus never leaves town” Anne Lamott, Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith

Traveling Mercies, by Anne Lamott. So, what do you think? That is, those of you who have picked up a copy of Traveling Mercies?  Caucasian woman, dreadlocks, mischievous smile, great mind, great writer, political activist, recovering addict, a mom, an encourager. Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images.  “Thirst” is a chapter  in Traveling Mercies, that gives some insight into this woman’s journey with substance abuse and recovery.   Lamott’s chapter – “Thirst” – is amazing .  Here is an excerpt, as she recalls a day in 1985, when she wanted to quit drinking:

” … I woke up so hungover that I felt pinned to the bed by centrifugal force … literally glued to my pillow by drool …” 

Anne Lamott then talks about beginning her attempt to quit drinking:

“I was doing quite well …until five o’clock that first night … panic set in … clarity … I understood that the problem was not that I drank so much but that I drank too quickly.  The problem was with pacing.  So I had a good idea.  I would limit myself to two beers a night.  Two beers!  What a great idea.”

Anne’s “addict-rationalization”  is profound along with classic denial, and honesty about her ambivalence as an addict.  Anne Lamott is a woman of beautiful wisdom. Yes, I love Anne Lamott’s writing, and am thankful for her encouragement.

I Have a Pony
I Have a Pony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steve Wright, a comedian whose humor is different from anyone I’ve ever encountered, does one-liners with a whiff of philosophy, and a bent towards thinking outside the box.

“For my birthday I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier … I put them in the same room and let them fight it out.” Steven Wright

“You can’t have everything.  Where would you put it?”  Steven Wright

And lastly, my dogs.  I have two.  One of them is the Bernese Mountain Dog … to the right, here.  *Stash outside

If one of our kiddos is sick, or not feeling well, or sad, Stash (the “a” is pronounced with a short “o”) will go and sleep somewhere close in their rooms.

The other dog is older and more private.  She is actually on a secret mission outside of the country right now.  And, she often avoids cameras.  I am so thankful for our dogs.  Recently, I read a post entitled “Not raised by wolves but damn near close”, on the blog “Northier Than Thou”. He puts good words to the amazing sensitivity of our pets … and he has a topical index, where you can find the topic of animals.  At some point, check it out.  I hope he will not be offended if I say that I think his posts are a bit long for me … and because of that I sometimes have to scan.  (

Okay, I’m out.  My suggestion for today: Be encouraged.

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