“The problem is not that we ask for too much … but that we do not ask for enough.”


Some souls “settle” for less than what they should.  Passion plays a part in this drama.  In the movie “The Edge”, billionaire Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) and photographer Bob Green (Alec Baldwin) are being stalked / harassed / terrorized … by a vicious grizzly (Bart the Bear) somewhere in the northwest corner of the continent.

Bob Green (Alec Baldwin) cries out in desperation to Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) “What are we going to do?!”  The older, wiser, Morse says in a quiet but passionate, determined voice: “What are we going to do?  We’re going to kill the (BLEEP).  That’s what we are going to do.”  The message (my paraphrase) seems clear: “I’ve had enough of this bear … its time to end this.

Passion,”want” …  versus “wantlessness“, “settling” for less.  Morse wanted to survive, and that meant that he would have to kill the bear; and that is what happened.

Life is short.  I will not settle.  When I am being stalked, harassed, by the adversaries of fear, mediocrity, or the lie that I don’t have what it takes … I need to be ready to end it.

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