Man Hides … Who is Edward Snowden?

Adventure, Betrayed, Isolators

The question … on CNN (no, I’m not a CNN fan, but I am a news-junkie): Who is Edward Snowden?  He is a 30 year old (somewhat) young buck … who grew up in North Carolina, dropped out of high school but went back to grab a GED before (eventually) embarking on a spy career.  He had a decent salary for a high school dropout, $122,000.

Christopher Boyce‘s comments are insightful, about Snowden’s situation: “Snowden is doomed” … …    Is Boyce a bit dramatic, here?   Boyce’s 25 years of incarceration, that ended in 2003, might be part of his biased assumption that Snowden will experience the same consequences.  Boyce may be ticked if Snowden escapes prison, after Boyce’s 25 years in the SLAMMER.  Until recently a question on the table was … how to get the boy out of China, back to the States.  Now China is, apparently, off the table.  Russia is the place where Eddie is going, ” … I’m leaving, on a jet plane. ‘Don’t know when I’ll be back again …” (Peter, Paul, and Mary – lyrics for “Leaving On A Jet Plane”)

It’s not like anyone would sell Snowden out, in Russia.  By the way: as an eccentric, I notice the strangest things in life, like the similarity between the names “Snowden” and “Snowman“.  The latter was Boyce’s partner Daulton Lee in a “real life” spy scandal, later wrote about in a book using their code names: Boyce – “The Falcon” and Lee – “The Snowman”.    Well, plenty more to say … but time will tell about WHO … Edward Snowden really is, and what he will do.

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