Road Trip Dreams

Currently on the road, with the FAM, unpredictable experiences: especially when we head down to the South, a two-day trip.  Bad coffee from … whatever name you choose (service stations, convenience stores, travel centers); restroom stops; continually asking the continual question “Where are we?” …

Accents change; scenery changes; architecture changes, climate changes, and I either relax a bit, or become more anxious, or both.  Another phenomenon: road trip dreams.

“Fell out of a slumber, slammed into The Awake, my mind didn’t break, I rattled, I rolled, my mind was in tact, I was back from the land of the Z’s … GPS Lady talking smack, I told her to be quiet, she said ‘Don’t talk back’ … Oh, yeah: road trip dreams”

What would life be without road trips?  Without bad coffee? Having to stop more than you would like? What would life be like without one of the great philosophical questions of all time – – – “When are going to get there?” And what would life be like without road trip dreams?


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