Garage Angst: My Treasures / Wife’s Junk

If it was up to me, I would not have tackled the outer garage today.  It was my wife’s idea.  She is an angel (not literally) … and we have had this discussion before, somewhat paraphrased below, between my wife (the angel) and me (the non-angel):

The Angel:  I want to get the outer garage cleaned out, today.
Non-angel:  You know, I think this is something we should both agree on.  I don’t WANT to work on the garage today.  If we do, its a lot of work, and it will take a great deal of time.
The Angel: That’s okay.  I’ll just work on it myself.
Non-angel: (Pause … an ominous pause) Yeah, I know how that works.  If I am not there with you, you might get rid of things that I don’t want to get rid of.  And … I will see you working in the garage and I start to feel guilty, and then … I’m sucked into the Garage Angst.
(My wife smiles a beautiful smile mixed with a slight mischievous grin …)
The Angel:  Well I guess you will just have to help me, then, so you don’t feel guilty.
(At least we are both laughing)

So, bravely I entered the Garage Angst.  Over the last three months, I have procured three different cabinets / chests from random finds along the mountain roads up here, where people put items out by the road that they do not want anymore.  These three “units” were like gold, as I thought of the cool stuff I could store in there …

The Angel:  These three cabinets / chests … are out of  here.
Non-angel:  No!  No, no, no.  I’m going to use them to store things in.
The Angel: Why haven’t you been using them?
Non-angel: Because I have not had time to get to them.
(My wife’s smirk says to me that she knows I will probably never get to them.  We negotiate, and I get to keep one, but two have to go.)

I have a well-worn leather tool belt: two different pouches for nails and / or wood screws; one holder for a hammer, two narrow pencil shaped slots for drill bits / razor knife / screwdriver – – – $5. WOW !!!  Anyway, the belt that went along with it was about two notches too small for my medium-sized girth, and I replaced it with another belt … But I wanted to keep the original belt.

The Angel:  Are you kidding me? This has to go!
Non-angel:  No.  You never know when it might come in handy.  Besides, it’s leather and leather is expensive.  And, I might go down to a 32 so that it would fit.
The Angel: This is the kind of thing that you don’t keep around. It just takes up space.
(The belt was sent into exile.)

Lastly, for today’s adventure, a pair of old boots came up for discussion.  My son’s boots are bigger than mine, and he was getting rid of his.  True they were old, and one of the dogs had gone after the back of the top of the shank, tearing it off …

The Angel:  Don’t you already have three pairs of boots?
Non-angel:  Yeah, Honey, but a mountain man always keeps extra boots.
The Angel: Once again, I’ll remind you: just because you live at 8800 feet in the mountains does NOT make you a mountain man.  Secondly … No.  The boots are going.  Look! Its torn in the back! 

I really don’t like cleaning out the garage.  Why?  Because afterwards I  admit (silently to myself) that she was right on this one.  Admittedly, it does look better.  The only problem is the garage angst, because  I didn’t really need the fourth pair of boots.

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