Change, Elusive and Avoidable

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“Change: when something starts or stops; or … when something that happens one way starts happening another way.” Mary Heathmen

One man’s fear:

I will never change. 

Life will always be this way.

One man learned the Law of Inertia, defined as: “An object in motion will continue in motion, unless acted upon by an external force.”  A friend responded to the one man’s fear of changelesness:  “If nothing changes, nothing changes.  But thinking positively about change, acting proactively on the change process, will lead to change.”  To take it one step further, one MUST expect change.  A downhill snow skier moves with the Law of Inertia

No motor, just the Law of Inertia.  Ski poles, a snow-drift, the crossing of one’s skis upsetting balance and momentum … whatever. 

Momentum is huge

and it is positive, or it is negative.  Another man, a different city, a different state, a different time, a different mindset asked himself:

“Why do I need to change? 

If its not broken, don’t fix it.”

Ahhhh, stagnation; absence of momentum If nothing changes, nothing changesThis last quote is indicative of a lack of awareness.  There must be change, on some level.  Not necessarily fixed; but changed, or adjusted.

Change avoidance? Or, change embraced?

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