Possibilities Worthy of Consideration

Is it possible …

  • That I might be wrong?  That I might be right?  Sometimes we sense something; we see something; we realize something, and we don’t want to be right … Or we don’t want to be wrong;  https://i0.wp.com/inspirationboost.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Opinion-Quotes.jpg
  • That I am really THAT loveable?  Likeable, yes … I understand that.  But truly, full-blown and honorably loveable?
  • That I am finished “here”?  In this particular place of the journey?  Like … my work here?  Like … this friendship?
  • That things might be worse than what they appear?https://i0.wp.com/www.motivationalquotesabout.com/images/quotes/the-truth-is-like-lion-st.jpg
  • That things are not as bad as what they seem?
  • That I am a selfish person?
  • To truly accept myself for who I am?
  • For me to take structural critique, appropriately?


  1. Scratching the tip of a possibilities iceberg here. Lots to reflect on; perhaps overload for some. When contemplating, hopefully they won’t bite off more than they can chew. 🙂 Good ‘stuff.’

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