Men and PG-13 Movies … Choose Wisely

Hey, fellas … or is it “fellows”?  I think I’ll stick with “fellas”. I actually go to our county library to check out movies, because they are less inexpensive (FREE ! !).  Call me old-fashioned / a bit eccentric.  No problem.  Several months ago, my wife and I agreed that “R” movies were not an […]

Men … Thought and Life … WATCHOUT !

“Life” is connected to “live”… OK.  “Live” is connected to “living”… OK.  “Living is the opposite of “death” … OK.  BUT … one can be living and experiencing death, at the same time … How I think, and therefore What I offer, will exude life, or death.  What I offer my son will exude life […]

Understanding Your Spouse? HA! Seriously?

Men: what does this look like?  Different facial expressions?  With confusion comes frustration, when you are not anywhere near the same page.  I WANT to be on the same page, and I WANT to understand.  To be misunderstood can be a real bummer.  In some cases I’ve looked at the book cover and asked “Do […]

Igor & Eeyore, Male Depression, Slight Humor

My fifth grade teacher returns from his errand, bursts through the door, crazy eyes, searching each one of us for the ringleader for our prank:  “WHAT … is the MEANING OF THIS?!!  Things happen, it was a long time ago, and we lived through it.   But the question has transcended our years on the planet: (a […]