Hey, Man: You Have a Call On Line #1, a Woman


Pick up the phone. 

Men, women are calling us out: wives, girlfriends, friends who are girls, and . . . both wives and girlfriends.

Some have been calling for a while; and your choice is about how to respond.

So what are the messages we are getting, when the callings come?

  • “Be a man, get on with your life, do what you are supposed to do”;
  • “You blew it … you were so consumed with yourself that you did not care about anyone else, and now I am gone …”;
  • “I don’t feel safe with you, or respected, or cherished…”;
  • “If you really want to connect, then you can make the effort…”;
  • “Grow up … I think you are looking for your mother …”

I’ll tell you a secret, guys: there is one message that I find very disruptive.  It’s when my wife calls me out … to greater things … to step up, and to be a better man.  It’s when she calls me out of my hiding, and to walk in the glory.  It’s disruptive because she is right to call me out.  It’s disruptive because she is loving me in a very powerful way.  And I really believe … that most of us … at given times, not always … are disrupted by true intimacy.

Why is that?

(The guy repeats the message on the intercom) “Hey, Wilder Man! Pick up line #1, Man!  She’s on hold.”

So, I push a button on the phone to respond to the guy: “Uhhh … Tell her … I am in the middle of something, and I will have to call her later.”


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  1. Touche! And if your closing reference doesn’t resonate with many (most?) then it’s time to take off the velvet glove. I like your getting to heart of many matters with a single example. Poignant. And significant. Hello out there….

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