Stooge Cover Up?

Larry Fine (right) with Moe Howard and Curly H...
Larry Fine (right) with Moe Howard and Curly Howard in 1938’s Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As men we are responsible to keep up a constant vigil for potential cover-ups and scandals.  Such examples:

  • Humpty Dumpty – – – he fell? OR, was he pushed?
  • Star Wars – – – true story?
  • Snow White, Seven Dwarfs – – – Was Grumpy supposed to be a scapegoat / fall guy (because of his bad attitude) for the issues about Snow White’s security detail?

And then, there are the Three Stooges.  Was there, in fact, a Fifth Stooge?   Many believe that this “unknown” should continue to be an “unknown”.  Even if there was a Fifth Stooge, and I believe there was, the disruption  / fallout from such a discovery could be unprecedented.

The original Three Stooges in Soup to Nuts
The original Three Stooges in Soup to Nuts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suspicions came after a Fourth Stooge emerged.  The Fifth Stooge lived near the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, in a small cabin.  This was to keep the Fifth Stooge in a clandestine existence, in the event that something were to happen to one of the original Three Stooges.  There would be a backup if the Fourth Stooge was not available.

Eventually, the Stooges became jealous of the other Stooges, for lack of air-time.  The Stooges met annually at a remote fishing lodge off the cost of Canada.  Dissention intensified when the Fifth consistently caught more fish than the others.

The Fifth Stooge soon after disappeared, and has not been heard from since.  Whatever possible proof of a fifth stooge has been confiscated, supposedly by another clandestine organization, “FOOL”: Friends Of Odd Lunatics.  Therefore, all information in this post has never been verified.  As a result, all of this is theoretical.


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