Griz Bear-Man? Colorado? Far-fetched Foolishness

From my heavily forested wilderness-like imagination, an idea came lumbering out, settled in my blog-mindset, a short-term stay.  The possibility of “Griz-Man”.  First, there is a debate about grizzly bears, the infamous Canis Lupus, in Colorado.    Many doubt that griz could be in Colorado.  This needs to be acknowledged before I suggest the possibility of “Griz-Man”.

Photo: Grizzly bear walking through a meadow

Secondly, an image of a grizzly bear (NOT IN COLORADO)  intensifies our awareness of what we are talking about:  that is, the grizzly … as opposed to “Griz-Man”.

A subspecies of the larger coastal brown bear, the grizzly bear gets its name from the grayish, or grizzled, tips of its fur.  Photograph by John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk

“No, there are no Grizzly bears in Colorado.”  I hear this often.


Pants on fire?  Maybe not.  Grizzly bears in Colorado?  No “maybes”.   Below is an excerpt from an article:

” … 1997 …  La Manga Pass (southern Colorado), I spotted a large bear with 2 cubs in tow.  Upon looking with my Nikon Trailblazer binoculars, the large female (around 250 to 300lbs) had a massive head, large hump and was brown with a definite silver back and belly. You could see very definite long claws.  The cubs (were) chocolate with silver faces … I have hunted both grizzly and black and this was a family of mountain grizzly bears in Colorado.  I reported the sighting to the local warden and got very little interest …”  Perry Rosenbloom

South San Juan wilderness (Colorado) seems to come up, after perusing different sources, as the most probable place where the “griz” hangs out.  Its not because of the night life that grizzly show up here, compared to other places in these mountains.  Most establishments have dress code forbids griz from being served; and they scare off other customers.

“Of all the places in Colorado likely to still harbor North America’s most fearsome creature, the rugged and remote southern San Juan Mountains seem best suited. A great bear was killed here in 1979, the last known Colorado grizzly. But rumor, extrapolation and scientific evidence … suggest strongly that more grizzlies, if they still live anywhere in Colorado, inhabit the recesses of this rugged wilderness …”

Now for what might be “far-fetched foolishness” …  The Bear Man (Ed Corbin) has a pivotal scene in 'True Grit.'

(Los Angeles Times via Paramount / The Bear Man (Ed Corbin) has a pivotal scene in “True Grit.”)

So far there have been no official sightings “Griz-man” . . . other than (possibly) in the re-make of the the movie, “True Grit”.  There have been sightings of “Bigfoot“.  And whether or not some of the Bigfoot are actually Griz-Man is up for discussion.    Here is one image of a Bigfoot:

An acclaimed picture of Bigfoot

Another point of reference is a picture of me … which can show you the resemblance between Griz-Man, Bigfoot, and me (below).  So, clearly, there are different angles to approach the possibility of “Griz-Man”, “Bigfoot”, and wild bloggers. / Originally Posted By marksman121:



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