Good Words From Another Blogger: Women Who Let Men Be Men

The following are excerpts from an excellent post written by Sierra Lassila  I originally found this post “re-blogged” on “Disciple’s Perspective”.  Here are some of Sierra’s words.

Has our inability as women to walk in femininity resulted in the quenching of men’s ability to walk in masculinity? … Here’s what I am trying to get at. Ladies, how often do we complain that our men aren’t stepping up?

  • He’s not pursuing me.
  • I wish he would be a spiritual leader.
  • I’m sick of asking him to do things all the time.
  • Why can’t men step up and be men?
  • Whatever happened to chivalry?

I’m guilty … of condemning men for their lack of stepping up, for remaining passive instead of walking in the fullness of their masculinity. I was frustrated and began losing hope that such a man even existed.

So, yes, there is a “natural tendency” due to the fall for men to be passive and for women to be controlling. But that’s not how it was originally intended! I guess the questions bids, then, how do we, as children under the new covenant of Christ, overcome? More specifically, how do we as women encourage and exhort our brothers, fathers, and lovers to walk in the fullness of their masculinity?

There is more to Sierra Lassila’s post; and I hope you will check it out at

Women have sustained abuse and exploitation for centuries.   Women “do” controlling because of men who have backed them into that corner of control: a means of survival; a means of coping.  However, I believe that I missed Sierra’s point.  I think Sierra Lassila was referring to the struggles that women have with men: their expectations; their desire to be pursued; a woman’s need to build up the man, as opposed to being critical of him.  These are just my thoughts.  Again her post is worth checking out.




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  1. I’ve been meaning to visit you for days, now. You made it easier for me to hop over. Yes, it’s cyclical — men and women feed one another’s weaknesses.

    You might want to respell:
    My pespective
    and chk out your spacing in the second to last line. Hope that helps. Thanks for walking along…

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