Signing Off For Short Sabbatical

Difficult to put something down, or to step away, from an experience that has been so fulfilling, so meaningful.  I ran this idea past an older mentor couple of weeks ago, that I was thinking of discontinuing my blogging.  He looked at me like I was crazy, and then asked “So, let met get this straight: you enjoy blogging, and it means a lot to you … and you are thinking about quitting?  ‘Doesn’t make sense.”

My hope: a short sabbatical.  There is too much happening in my life, including the health needs of one of my kiddos.  I’ve been struggling / suffering, for a number of years, with my own secondary PTSD and transitional stress from several betrayals in business.  To use the words of another from many years ago, “Stop the world … I want to get off.”

I will  not shut down my blog, mainly for my own benefit.  This has meant so much to me, and I don’t want to lose it.  I will be, periodically reading the blogs of others, although I will have to shrink-down my “following list”.  I will read my EMAIL, and check in to see if there are any replies to my blog posts.  Bottom line: I am so thankful (beyond words) for all of you who have encouraged me with your empowering words.  My hope is that each of you will be blessed, immensely.


Goodbye, for now.






  1. Tim, I cannot ‘like’ this because I enjoy reading your postings too much. But God only knows that I hear your pain and will have to resign myself to looking forward to you resuming your brilliant ‘rants’ in the future. Take care my friend!

    Oh, and you better still haunt Book of Pain now and then. I’d miss you if you didn’t! (Don’t forget, I have your email and I am NOT afraid to use it!)

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