My Heart Goes Out To You

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For so many parents: my heart goes out to you.  Not much needs to be said.  At times like these, an excess of words can be maddening . . .  for parents who are grieving . . .  to hear.  Unexplainable heaviness threw me into this post.  Yesterday one innocent young lady in high school was shot, in Denver, by a school shooter.  Claire Davis is in critical condition.  If you do pray, please send one up for her, and her parents.

Today, parents mourned the loss of their kiddos at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  It is believed that at least 24 school shootings have claimed at least 17 lives since what happened in the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Grieving, and hope.  My heart goes out to all of you who have lost children, regardless of what the circumstances were.





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