Kiddo: Tilt Cove, Newfoundland Population?

Sitting in the Jeep with one of my kiddos, waiting on the Mrs. and our other kiddo to finish up in the Dr.’s office (for some non-crisis stuff) … I did not know I was on the verge of getting a dose of “Fun Facts” to know & learn from my daughter.  She had one of these kids’ magazines, and started reading out loud one joke after another.  Then she gets to the “Fun Facts”.

“Hey, Dad, do you want to hear some fun facts?”
“What color is the house of the President in Argentina?
“Don’t know, Babe.”
“Its pink.”
“Yeah! … Here is another one.  Do you know what the population is for Tilt Cove, in Newfoundland, Canada?”
“No, I do not.  What is the population for Tilt Cove, in Newfoundland, Canada?”
“Its five.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, I’m serious.”
“No, you’re not.  You’re just pulling my leg.”
“No, Dad, I’m serious.  The population for Tilt Cove in Newfoundland, Canada is five.  No joke.”

Tilt Cove, Newfoundland caught my attention.  Here are some pictures of Tilt Cove, Newfoundland, Canada.

The Williams House in Tilt Cove, ca. 1910

The Home of Francis Williams, Tilt Cove / 1910. 

This next picture of the Williams House is different, due to an avalanche that hit the house in 1912, March 11th (photo credit: The Rooms Provincial Archives: Smith Family Collection: A 24-98 …

Tilt Cove is a town located southeast of Baie Verte on Notre Dame Bay. The post or Way office was established in 1869. The population was 1,370 in 1901 and 57 by 1956. It has a population of 5 as of 2011 according to Statistics Canada, but another source gives the population as 7.”  (I always find good information on Wikipedia:  I hope you enjoy a little reminder, from time to time, of places beyond our little world.  It is good to get a different perspective.  Maybe I can get to Tilt Cove one day.  Maybe not: there are some other places that would come first.




      1. Traveling to places, like Newfoundland, carries opportunity to enhance your life, your thinking, your memories, sense of adventure. And for most places, you are able co carry with you the thankfulness that you “went there”. Keep traveling, keep writing. Thanks for visiting …

  1. T, not only have I been to Newfoundland, I was born and grew up there…in Grand Falls, an inland town off of Notre Dame Bay. I have been to Baie Verte many times and would have thought there was no place along the shore that I have not been. So I may have been to Tilt Cove, but just cannot remember the place by name.

    The de-population probably came about as an effort of the Provincial Government in the 60s to ‘consolidate’ many of the very small fishing villages into larger rural areas by a hammer and carrot approach of offering subsidies for those willing to re-locate and cutting services to those villages it deemed too small or isolated to support.

    An ‘avalanche’ in 1912? The hills of the area are by no means mountains so I find the idea of an ‘avalanche’ amazing. Certainly Newfoundland used to get a lot of snow, but I would have thought the idea of a mudslide more probable.

    Speaking of the long wet/cold/snowy/damp Newfoundland winter (an old joke: It only snows twice in Newfoundland. Once for two months and then for three!)…for all of that there is no more beautiful spot on God’s good green earth than Newfoundland. In July and August.

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