Up Creek? No Paddle? Don’t Panic.

If you are on the Rolling Creek Trail, which connects with the Colorado Trail there in the Pike National Forest, then you don’t need a paddle.  You do need water, and good boots, that won’t give you a blister.  So, Bro: don’t panic.  Besides, the Pike National Forest, along with most forests, is a terrible place to panic.  The wilderness does not respond well to panic.  It’s hard to understand, I know.  Breathe, keep a good pace, and enjoy the trail.  Image below: near Aspen, and the Maroon Bells.   footage.shutterstock.com

There is something about hiking a trail when it takes you beside a good creek.  You know what I am talking about.  You may have never been to Rolling Creek.  But you have probably hiked besides some good creeks, yes? 

Keep moving, with the creek.  The current, the water meeting up with rocks and boulders, rapids, and fallen trees … all of that is why you are hiking beside the creek.  Therefore, don’t miss out some good outdoor therapy.  Some people would benefit from a reminder that … in the event of getting lost, a creek can get one “un-lost”.

Image above: near Cub Lake Trail, in Rocky National Park www.123rf.com


Following the stream, downstream that is, will get you back to civilization, and / or a trail.  These mountain creeks are good reminders for us, men, to keep moving.  Keep your eyes open for the wildlife, don’t get lost, don’t panic, and keep moving.    


    1. Forgive me for my delayed response. In my world of chaos and demands, etc., I am lifted up by encouraging words such as yours. You put really good words to the images: that means you have spent time appreciating the creeks. You are wise to do so. Peace, T

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