Zeb’s Background

Zebulon.  Zebulon Pike, that is.  Also known as “Zeb” by his colleagues, his fellow officers.  What a name.  Zebulon Pike.

Zebulon PikeZeb Pike.  Pike was born in 1779, January 5th.   The American Revolutionary War had been going on for about four years; and there were four more years to go.  So there he was, right in the middle of the madness.  Maybe all that war made an impression on  Zeb: the passion and courage of men and women fighting as patriots, the underdogs, wielding sharpened swords and armed with vision.

revolutionary-war-battleFifteen years later, Zeb-Man joined the Army.  Fifteen years old!  The boy didn’t even have his driver’s license yet.  And five years after that, Zeb (20)  was ordered to get a group of guys together, and head out west for an exploration expedition.  Somehow he knew that there was a mountain out here (the West) that he was supposed to go to, and explore.  Zeb and his guys found the mountain, known as “Pike’s Peak”.  I suppose that you could say … if you wanted to say it … that Pike had a peak to seek.  Zeb’s next adventure was the War of 1812.  Unfortunately, this was his last adventure.  All of the information available states that Zeb Pike died in battle.

Fortunately, we have the lore of storytelling in our midst.  Some folks want to do what they can to keep legends alive.  I cannot really blame them, for their longings are honorable.  There motives are noble.  With Zeb, for example, there is a rumor … only a rumor … that Zeb did not die in the War of 1812.  Wounded?  Yes.  But, according to the rumor, Zeb did not die in the War of 1812.  In fact, the story goes that this was where Zeb Pike was last seen, and he would not surface until about 2009.  Zeb Pike is living … based on the rumor … somewhere in the Pike National Forest (also named for Pike).  He lives in a cabin at about 10,500 feet somewhere between Bailey, CO. and Shawnee, CO.  And, Zeb is still a wildman.  Zeb, according to the rumor, likes to chase mountain lions and wrestle with the black bears.  I am not suggesting that there is anything reliable to this … rumor.  But, it is something to think about, isn’t it?  Zebulon Pike?  Still living?  WOW.


    1. Hey, Man … I EMAILed you back because my computer was being non-compliant. But, I’m able to respond here, now. Thanks for visiting my little blog. I’m honored. I love your post. And, yes … Zebulon does sound like an alien planet. If you find out that there is an alien planet named Zebulon, will you let me know? You’ve got me curious. T

  1. Wow! He pushed that far west three years BEFORE Lewis and Clarke?!?! I thought they were the first organized drive west. And yet his expedition is never mentioned in regards to L&W’s planning. Interesting…

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