Winning Battles, Men

Don’t worry.  You are tougher than hell.  There is a substance within you that makes the demons tremble.  True, they mess with you.  They mess with me, too.  That is one reason conflict happens.  If the battle gets bloody, that’s okay.  You will listen to your heart, and the wisdom that belongs to you.  You may find yourself in a battlefield, no one in sight.  The ground’s ripped up, ugliness in the trenches.  You will wonder, “Where are the other guys?”  You may not see them.

(Image below:

They are out there, somewhere.  Regardless of where they are, you know where YOU are.  And you are a warrior.  What else are you going to do?  You press on!  You own up to your pain, you’re wounds, your fatigue.  You consider that you are afraid.  You feel it in your stomach, and your mind is racing.  And you consider your courage.  Its there, in your heart and soul.  If you come across some enemies, you might be out-numbered.  But, you are still you: a force to be reckoned with.  Better men than you and I have died in battle.  It is not a dishonorable thing to die with courage and nobility and honor, knowing that you went down fighting.  A smaller warrior said to his larger adversary, “You very well may get the best of me.  But by the time it is over, you will know that you have been hit.”  Beware of the wrath of a patient man, when his anger manifests in an honorable way.  You will see strength, then.  And you might want to stand back.  



  1. True! There is a battle. We are not alone in the fight, confrontation, pain, weakness. We may be knocked down 10 times but we do not stay on the ground. We place palms down and push up and he who never leaves us, lifts us up the rest of the way. And so we stand…again and again.

    1. Dennis, good words. I am a very fortunate man in that I actually know you, and I know your story, and you have walked with me through many years of … “stuff”. And you live what you wrote about: the realness of the battle; that we are not alone in the fight / pain / our weakness; that we are knocked down sometimes; that do not stay down; we are lifted up and we stand … again and again and again. Thanks for stopping by, Dennis.

  2. The Duke was a real person with all of his humanity, but is also, now, a construct of our desire for quality manliness. Both are interesting.

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