You Are … Here

Actions, Adventure, Ambivalence, Authenticity, Battle, Courage, Encouragement, Good Guys

When I was a kiddo, my parents took me and my  brothers to a place on the vacation circuit called “Six Flags Over Texas”.  WOW!  Amazing.  It was magical.   I suppose it was a small-scale similarity to Disney Land / Disney World.  There was so much to do.  There were maps posted throughout the park.  On every map there was an arrow and a caption that read “You Are Here”.  That three-word proclamation made it a bit easier to get to where we wanted to go.

“You Are Here”

This post comes about from a mix of thoughts:

  • Taking action;
  • Being realistic about where we are and what we are dealing with;
  • Authenticity required to fully embrace the “here-and-now”;
  • Battle with ourselves, with our world we live in (at times);
  • Encouragement needed for us to keep pressing on, to “be here”.

Well, that is a partial list.  Another thought is … that because you are in the bloggers’ realm, you are a writer of some sort.  What goes along with writing?

  • Sacrificing some socialization for the craft of writing;
  • The courage to be still, and think about ourselves, what is important to us, what is painful, what stirs up emotions;
  • The potential for discouragement, because … good writing is not easy.

Again, a partial list.  In my adventure, and in my desert, there is a great tension: being “here”, versus moving forward.  Stagnation stinks.  Metaphorically, the stagnant water on the side of a creek stinks.  One college professor stated that he wanted his students to sip from the clear, fast-moving water of a creek, as opposed to a dark and murky pool of stagnant water.  His point?  That he always wanted to be prepared to give his students something worthwhile, as opposed to something stale, and mediocre.  So, part of my “here” is knowing that: my laptop is getting old and will need replacing; we have to get down the mountain into our little town 20 minutes away through the deep snow on the roads so I can get some gas for my snow blower; and then at some point come back afterward and get the old beast cranked up and snow blow for an hour or so; and I’ll end this list with … my own battle of self versus my Seasonal Affect Disorder.  That’s the way it is, for me, during winter.  But, it is “here”.  And we have all heard these words: “Its really good to be here, folks.”

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