A Wild Place I Want to Go

Jersey Jim, 2002

It is good to get a view, if it is a good view.  A view … for example … of the San Juan National Forest (Colorado) from the top of the 54′ “Jersey Jim Lookout” fire lookout tower , which was built in 1964, at 9,830 feet elevation.  I am referring to the current tower.  The original tower was built in 1942, but was eventually brought down, and replaced by the current tower. 

http://www.firelookout.org/cohost-co/graphics/jerseyjim_2002.jpg / Mark Roper

Original Structure, 1943

Incidentally, here is a picture of the original Jersey Jim (fire lookout tower) … fascinating.  You can see a man with his binoculars up on the catwalk.  Check out the old car in the bottom corner.

One question: how long would a fire look be up in the tower?  Three months?  And what about hauling water up 54′ of stairs?  The solitude?  Along with the view, that is what calls me to this adventure.  I could probably get some good reading in.  And the stars … WOW !   Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, you could bring someone if you want.  The bed sleeps two.  I would have to try putting my mummy bag out on the catwalk, although I would hate to roll off the side … unless I attached a parachute.  You know, I wonder if you can get an echo up there.


As for the newer tower, I’ve got good news for you.   You can actually spend the night up there … $40 a night.  I would very much like to spend a couple of nights up at the Jersey Jim cabin.  Yeahhhh.  That is what I would like to do someday.  This is what you would find up there:

  1. A 15 X 15 cabin;
  2. Original furniture, from the first tower built in 1942, replaced by the current tower in 1964;
  3. Propane heating and lighting;
  4. No electricity or water;
  5. A sink;
  6. Propane refrigerator / oven / stove;
  7. Dining table seats four;
  8. Double bed and dresser;
  9. Windows all round … a 360 view … which is why it is a fire lookout tower.

Yeahhhh.  That is what I would like to do.


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