First Snow, Sort of … WAKE UP!!

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The image below was taken on Friday, September 13th.  Some of you have already seen this image.  You might have to expand the picture to make it worth your while.  This first snow started happening around Midnight, between the 12th and the 13th.  I was doing some work that led me late into the night and early morning.  That’s when I noticed.


First Snow

But the whiteness was not that noticeable until after Midnight.  As you can see, it is but a “dusting” of snow, not much of a snowfall.  Yet, it is enough to embarrass me, as I confess that I am  behind on wood cutting … and without excuses, so no compassion is warranted.  I also confess my lack of vision, a truth animated by these cold temperatures and poor visibility from the mist / fog / snowy air.  Simply put, I am heavy with this incoming winter.  Do I have any basis for complaining?  No.
The first snow could have happened before now.  And, thankfulness is what should be happening: God’s gift of seasons; the whiteness to symbolize what is good; the moisture for the trees, and the waterfalls.  Sometimes … in our lives … the coldness comes, poor visibility happens.  After it’s all said and done, we have reason to sing.

By the way, friends, the reason for the delay on this post was because of my other laptop’s demise.  However, Fed Ex drove by about thirty minutes ago with my birthday present.  My birthday has already passed, but thankfulness is high, for this laptop – birthday present.  I decided my first order of business was to finish this post that I attempted to write before the untimely passing of my previous laptop.  Indeed, I am thankful for my wife’s kindness to procure a healthier laptop for me.  Thank you, my dear.  I think, but I’m not sure, that this laptop doesn’t require an oil change every three-thousand miles.  That’s a bonus, eh?

 Have a good winter.


7 thoughts on “First Snow, Sort of … WAKE UP!!

  1. I envy you living in such a beautiful place, even if snow has already (sort of) started to fall.

    But more than anything I cherish the wisdom you have developed in knowing what is important in your life and cherishing it. That is a lesson we can all learn from you!

    Yes, let’s hope it is a good winter.

  2. My husband is woefully behind on splitting wood, too. Last year was so so so cold we literally burned through everything and then a bunch of ‘unripe’ wood on top of that. Happy (belated) first snowfall! Hope you’ve made progress in the wood cutting since then.

    1. I’ve talked to a few other guys, this year, who are behind in their firewood projects. Interesting. And, last year we went through about 80% of our wood … You use your wood for fireplace? Or wood stove? Or both? Stay warm. Old Man Winter is coming, I think.

      1. We have a wood stove. It was just so cold last winter we tried to keep the fire going 24/7 to keep fuel oil costs down, relatively speaking. Warmth to you as well!

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