Bear and the Bucket

My paraphrase, from the Sky News article, is that this bear in Pennsylvania was freed from the bucket on its head, by a group of brave volunteers.  You can see a small video at the website above … If not there, then google Bear Bucket Images.

To the rescue: A group of volunteers conducted an impromptu rescue mission in the woods of Pennsylvania to free the Bucket BearThe Patriot News identified the hero-types as Dean Hornberger and girlfriend Samantha Eigenbrod who planned, and carried out, the rescue with other fearless volunteers.  Samantha (Eigenbrod) handled the video piece while the others tackled the bear down, pulled the bucket off, and used a saw to cut through the bucket.  Mission completed, the bear made a run for it, undoubtedly in a much better “head-space”.  At this time, there has been no contact with, or comments from, the bear.  Some believe that the bear has gone into hiding.  I cannot fully grasp the frustration he had to bear (pun).  Since I have ran out of space, and time, I will have to delay my thoughts about the legends of “Bear-Man”.  Some say that Bear Man is actually “Bigfoot”.  However, Bigfoot has a smaller head, and also stays away from buckets.,  But, again: that is a different story.  




  1. wow, i’m glad you finished this one. i hadn’t heard anything about it. what kind and brave souls they were to rescue him –

    1. I am not that brave of a soul to tackle a bear, although it would be a great ego-booster to tell people that I tackled a bear. My gut tells me that the Colorado Dept. of Wildlife would probably do the tackling, or use a tranquilizer dart, to get the bucket off … but the Wildlife folks in Pennsylvania didn’t go for it. Having said that, this is a reminder to all bloggers to keep our heads out of the buckets. Thanks for the check-in.

      1. great advice. let’s all try to keep our heads out of the buckets. or do our best at least. my pleasure )

  2. Wow, glad they got that off. There’s a crow that lives in my area with something man made stuck around its neck. I always feel sad when I see it, but impressed that it had managed to thrive in spite of human stupidity (it looks like those plastic rings that hold a six pack–so, litter). Great post!

    1. I’m privileged to have a good writer-blogger visiting my blog. Your encouragement is received; thank you. The crow: I don’t much about the crow, other than what I think I know. Scavenger, but not predator? They don’t go south for winter, do they? A bummer that this crow has an unwanted shackle around her neck, thanks to the idiocrasy (not a real word) of human beings. Have a good weekend.

      1. I think you’re right on about the Crow–scavenging is their specialty. My daughter wrote a short story about the crows that hang out at the local Starbucks/Taco Bell parking lot in the mornings. Apparently getting their Taco-Caffeine fix.<<<there's probably a more clever way to write that… Glad to interact with you, too, in blogging land. 🙂

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