Fiction Fragment Series: Wilder Man & Cold

This post is part of the Fiction Fragment Series; this edition, “Wilder Man & Cold” Around 5am he stumbled out of the sleep … somewhat like a man emerging from a heavily wooded forest … looked out the hut-window, saw night and snow.  His relative-friend, Melancholy, spoke to him from inside, triggered by darkness and […]

Haunts from Antarctic Wilder Man

CLOSURE.  I need some closure! For years I have carried a distinct heaviness from a British Antarctic explorer by the name of Robert Falcon Scott.  He led an expedition to the South Pole.  They spent the winter of 1911 on Cape Evans, part of Ross Island, in a structure they built known as “Scott’s Hut”.  […]

Understanding Your Spouse? HA! Seriously?

Men: what does this look like?  Different facial expressions?  With confusion comes frustration, when you are not anywhere near the same page.  I WANT to be on the same page, and I WANT to understand.  To be misunderstood can be a real bummer.  In some cases I’ve looked at the book cover and asked “Do […]

Igor & Eeyore, Male Depression, Slight Humor

My fifth grade teacher returns from his errand, bursts through the door, crazy eyes, searching each one of us for the ringleader for our prank:  “WHAT … is the MEANING OF THIS?!!  Things happen, it was a long time ago, and we lived through it.   But the question has transcended our years on the planet: (a […]

Writers: Ever Heard of Lou Blonger?

Not referring to spectacles, as I am wearing now, to see clearly, as in “I can see clearly now the rain has gone …” (Credence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty).   No, I am referring to readers: books, articles, blogs.  Not only writers, but readers.  Stephen King, in his book on writing, said: “If you want […]

Possibilities Worthy of Consideration

Is it possible … That I might be wrong?  That I might be right?  Sometimes we sense something; we see something; we realize something, and we don’t want to be right … Or we don’t want to be wrong;  That I am really THAT loveable?  Likeable, yes … I understand that.  But truly, full-blown and […]