Wilderman, Bob Marshall … Tribute

Guys have gone before us, have been in the wilderness due to their calling, mountain creeks running through their veins mixed with their blood that drove them into the unknown.  I want to learn about them, learn from them, with hopes I will be able to teach others along my way, along my “wilderman’s journey”. […]

The Duke: Up Ahead On the Trail

“Talk low, talk slow and don’t say much.”  John Wayne An image emerges: John Wayne and a young buck ride on their horses into “an unknown”.  John Wayne, also known as “The Duke”, keeps his eyes on the trail looking for what is ahead, while speaking to the younger one, who … in The Duke’s […]

Change, Elusive and Avoidable

“Change: when something starts or stops; or … when something that happens one way starts happening another way.” Mary Heathmen One man’s fear: I will never change.  Life will always be this way. One man learned the Law of Inertia, defined as: “An object in motion will continue in motion, unless acted upon by an […]

Light, in the Night

“Like the lightening … in the sky, All men … will see Him and will cry, And the veils … will be lifted from our eyes, ‘Singing Glory … Glory most high, Glory … Glory, most high …”  Lyrics by Bobby Winter  Bobby Winter: a humble warrior helping street people, punk rockers, prostitutes; he walked […]

Righteous Anger, Chase, Restoration

“The game is afoot.”   Sherlock Homes. ‘Not a game, far from it, on the other end of the spectrum.  Race, followed by chase …  a chase that may not be over.  Anger/rage, emotion(s),  have rattled my soul, and two pieces are apparent:   “Don’t mess with the children …”; (quote) “Beware the wrath … of a patient man.”  Unknown […]

Men Who Write

Downtown Denver.  I was in my early twenties.  A great deal of building was going on at that time, early morning music of compressors, hydraulic drills, construction workers whistling from way above the concrete at women  on their way to work … I started writing around 7am, sounds  breezing in with cool morning air through a 2-3 inch opening of […]