The Boys are Asking Questions

Hey, Guys … I have wanted to write this post for a while.  This is for men; this is for the sons who need good men to be in their life; this is for women who can encourage men as they feel led.  And just as importantly: this is for the young people in our […]

Man Feels Weak: Let Him Speak …

Man, do you feel weak?  Speak.  You won’t be redirected, no solutions expected. Wisdom released, Men seeking peace, “Find your voice!” Yet, be cautious with your choice.” ‘Makes sense, “Negativity … nonsense.” Positive: the way to go,  let your success show … Show the world, show your friends … you are the one that shines […]

Change, Elusive and Avoidable

“Change: when something starts or stops; or … when something that happens one way starts happening another way.” Mary Heathmen One man’s fear: I will never change.  Life will always be this way. One man learned the Law of Inertia, defined as: “An object in motion will continue in motion, unless acted upon by an […]

Treehouse & Fathers’ Day Emerging / Courage, I See

Low-grade obsession, my confession, brews in my soul about this “treehouse business”.  There is something about completion, of a project,  for some of us men who who are perpetually, powerfully, swamped from LIFE’s demands and all of my fans (HA! There are no fans … I was just kidding).  For lack of better term, I […]

Exiled Men

EXILE: what a bummer!  Removed from your country, because of political issues? Or, something you said?   You may have seen this quote before. “No exile … at the South Pole or on the summit of Mont Blanc … separates us more effectively from others … than the practice of a hidden vice.”  Marcel Proust […]