Wilder Men’s Plans, Sometime Change

Short entry here. Here’s a quote I picked up from a man named Basil Ted Hawthorne (fictitious name to protect the (mostly) innocent): “Life is what happens … when you are planning it.” I had an appointment at 9am.  I was up at 6:30, to get coffee and do some reading.  I snowblowed for about […]

Forecast? Snow.

Sunday morning, I should not have been surprised by the deep snow.  The heads-up was given on the weather channels on Friday & Saturday.  By the end of Sunday, we had 20 inches of snow. I knew it was a snow blower morning, but slightly procrastinated.  I made coffee, toasted a bagel, built a fire […]

Tim And Snow

1/2 foot?  Resistance and man, meet again, in the middle.  This type of resistance is what I call “Snow Resistance”, somewhat common in higher elevations. I am here in the thick of it.  God meets me here, in the thick of it.  God is, both, there and here.  However, I can only be here.  But […]

Fata Morgana, Men, And Elusive Strength

Strength can be elusive.   “Things are not  always what  they seem;  the first  appearance  deceives  many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”  Phaedrus * Unknowns can be intimidating; and, yet, not always as overwhelming, or as powerful, as they originally appeared. Antarctica (1993-1994), I witnessed “Fata Morgana” (“a” is pronounced as […]

1st Entry: Men Who Are Men

      Man had the place to himself.  Then, something good happened: Woman. True, things went south.  But don’t blame Woman.  Man became wild, and wilder, since the Garden Fiasco.  There is redemption in our wildness. Elijah, David, Andy in Shawshank Redemption, were all wildmen. William Wallace, Indiana Jones, the Smothers Brothers: they were all wild.  Our wildness is redemptive. We need to be wild, or wilder. […]